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Title: Stonewall SWL-2A-MB1C (STL File)
Credits: 100
Status: In Stock
Description: This is the official STL file for the Stonewall (The Magic Carpet) SWL-2A-MB1C. The Stonewall was the winner of the inaugural 'Mech Design Contest here on Mordel.Net, and featured many of the capabilities I absolutely adore for my style of play:

  • Highly mobile with a jump of 10 due to the use of Improved Jump Jets coupled with a partial Wing.
  • Increased survivability as a result of maximum armor and a Light Fusion engine (no XL for me)
  • A good balance of weaponry and heat management (fire a little, or fire it all when it gets dicey and jump away to cool)

  • And now, thanks to our very own Stinger07, and after a much-anticipated wait, the file to be able to print your own 3D mini of this award winning design can now be yours! I'd love to see what kind of slick paint schemes the community can come up with.

    Shortly after your purchase, you will receive a site message from me containing details on how you can download the STL file.