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2208-001 5 Task [Unit Management BattleMechs] AWS-10KM has wrong stats, items, etc currently has the details of the AWS-KM "Cameron", which doesnt exist on mordel Fixed
2207-001 3 Enhancement [Unit Management BattleMechs] Changes to Remote Sensor Dispenser needed Pending Review
2206-001 2 Defect [Force Management] Unable to click into text region when editing overview Pending Review
2205-001 3 Enhancement [Unit Management Unspecified] Show AS stats summary during design Pending Review
2204-001 2 Defect [Unit Management BattleMechs] Cost breakdown does not list all ammo for superheavies in readout Pending Review
2203-006 2 Defect [Unit Management BattleMechs] Gyro BV for Superheavy mechs is incorrect Fixed
2203-005 3 Enhancement [Unit Management Unspecified] Add link to units MUL page Open - Deferred
2203-004 2 Defect [Unit Management Search] No results returned when filtering on Member Rating Fixed
2203-003 2 Defect [Unspecified] Link to ProtoMech unit that appears on main page does not work Fixed
2203-002 2 Defect [Unit Management Unspecified] C3BM should provide the TAG special ability for Alpha Strike Fixed
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