Mordel's Bar & Grill
Policy Information
1. Personal attacks of any sort will not be tolerated.
2. Posts that flame individuals, either by name or inference, will not be tolerated.
3. You may not post libelous or defamatory messages or materials, or links to such materials. You may not post messages or materials that are obscene, violent, abusive, threatening, or designed to harass or intimidate another person.
4. Posts should be made on the appropriate forums, with all Battletech related message going on the Battletech Forums, and all non-Battletech posts going on the non-Battletech Forums.
5. No posting other users' "real world" information without their permission. This includes people that are not registered users in the Bar & Grill.
6. No SPAM. Commercial messages are prohibited without specific permission of the Administrator, Mordel Blacknight.
7. If you post materials from other websites and/or newsgroups, credit should given whenever possible. If you re-post material from the Bar and Grill, you are also asked to give credit when appropriate.
8. Posting as another user with or without that user's permission is strictly prohibited.
9. Making posts with the goal of raising one's posting rank may result in some (or all) of that user's posts being deleted.
10. Carrying "flames" from another board to this board may result in the offending poster being banned WITHOUT warning.
11. Circumventing an existing ban by any user will result in your being permenantly banned from this message board.
Mordel Blacknight and his moderators have the right to delete any message and/or topic for any reason. There may be NO warning and NO explanation as to why. The moderators of the Bar and Grill use their own discretion and judgment in deleting posts. That means even if it's wrong, it's our right, so long as we think our action is necessary to keep the forums clean and tasteful.

Opinions, advice and all other information expressed by participants in discussions are those of the author(s). You rely on such information at your own risk. Mordel Blacknight will NOT be held responsible for the content of any message posted in the Bar and Grill.

Failure to comply to the above policies will lead to a warning first. If the offending party persists in violating these policies, they will be banned from this message board. Please remember, it is a privilege granted to you to post on this board, do not abuse it.
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