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Title: Shrapnel: Record Sheets (Issue #5)
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Formats: PDF
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Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs 
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Copyright: © 2021
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©2021 The Topps Company, Inc.
Description: The official record sheets corresponding to the units found in Shrapnel, Issue #5. This includes the record sheets for the Crusader CRD-9S, Crusader CRD-10S, and SM5 Field Commander Prime.
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Units Associated to this Product
  Name/Model Type Technology Era Year Rules Level (Era) Tonnage BV Cost
  Crusader CRD-10S BattleMech Clan Dark Age 3138 Standard 65 2,264 14,737,360
  Crusader CRD-9S BattleMech Inner Sphere Dark Age 3086 Standard 65 1,642 12,170,510