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Homeworld strategies for each mission
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Advice: Don't lose any strike craft, capital ships, super capital ships, and/or your mothership in each mission. Always have your salvage corvettes set to evasive. I played Taidan so I could make defense field frigates.
Mission 01: Follow Fleet Intelligence orders
Mission 02: Make 3 Heavy corvettes and have them escort salvage corvette with repair corvette repairing it to Khar-Selim. Max out the rest on salvage corvettes. When attacking fighters and missile corvettes come, use the 3 heavy corvettes to destroy them. Try to salvage them if possible while using research ship, resource collector, and resource controller to divert shots. Don't attack the carrier (I wish Homeworld programmers would've let me salvage it).
Mission 03: Immediately deploy all salvage corvettes and the repair corvette. Send one salvage corvette with repair corvette to repair it to salvage cryo tray under attack and send remaining salvage corvettes in a right arc vector towards and behind the assault frigates to salvage them. Make sure you have 600 RUs. I wish that Homeworld programmers would've let me save Kharak.
Mission 04: Trade with Bentusi. Use heavy corvettes & any missile corvettes you salvaged to destroy incoming attacking Turanic fighters & Turanic corvettes. Salvage the ion array frigates that hyperpsace in. Destroy the carrier (again I wish Homeworld programmers would've let me salvage it). Make more heavy corvettes till you have a total of ten if possible.
Mission 05: Don't deploy probes when ordered to but deploy your scout fighters to a point that is 10km in front of your mothership. Next deploy salvage corvettes and have them escorted by corvettes & repair corvette & frigates & resource collector & research ship & resource controller. Send four salvage corvettes with corvette escorts to find and salvage the two resource collectors before they return to the carrier. Destroy all incoming strike craft. Salvage the frigates, destroyers, and carrier. To effectively salvage the frigates and destroyers, try using some salvage corvettes as bait to lure them up and away while you send other salvage corvettes in from below. When battle is over, group all frigates into group10 and click remain docked.
Mission 06: Immediately get group10 away from incoming asteroids by moving them back and down as far as possible. Next, have your destroyers and mothership attack the incoming asteroids & resource collectors to collect asteroid remains. Use captured carrier once as a shield to protect mothership. When Bentusi arrive trade with them. Retire all frigates, then max out on defense field frigates and have a total of 50 salvage corvettes (retire repair corvette) & max out on destroyers.
Mission 07. Send all capital ships up, behind, and to the right of mothership. Have one resource collector escorted by defense field frigates and have your destroyers arranged in a backwards C shaped position to divert attacks away from salvage corvettes. When vamphorn mothership arrives, salvage the incoming swarmers and any fuel pods. After vamphorn mothership deployed all swarmers, attack it with destroyers.
Mission 08: Send your destroyers to destroy the vamphorn mothership in front of your mothership. Salvage swarmers & all fuel pods & all multibeam frigates. Destroy the two remaining vamphorn motherships simultaneously if you can after they've open fired on your mothership. Find the Khar-Toba.
Mission 09: Send your carrier filled with salvage corvettes towards the alien control field, then make 50 more salvage corvettes. Collect resources. Send all frigates into the control field then make more defense field frigates. Send a destroyer towards the small fleet but not into the control field so the destroyer diverts shots. Have your swarmers & advanced swarmers in wall formation set to aggressive and have them attack the alien ship's control field from the side opposite the side nearest your parked destroyer. Once control field is disabled, retire your destroyers except for the missile destroyer, then max out on missile destroyers. Dock a salvage corvette with the alien ship. When Bentusi arrive trade. Max out on gravity well generators & have all 100 salvage corvettes in mothership then retire your carrier & make 4 more carriers.
Mission10: Immediately make sure your entire fleet is in the dust veins so they don't emit radiation sparks. Next, load your 4 carriers with salvage corvettes & use missile destroyers to destroy minefields; salvage the minelayer corvettes & use support frigate(s) to repair salvage corvettes if necessary as they salvage the minelayer corvettes. Salvage the heavy cruiser & its escorts. Now move a carrier filled with salvage corvettes towards a group of assault frigates and do the same action with another carrier field with salvage corvettes towards the other assault frigate group. Have the carriers descend & deploy salvage corvettes to salvage the frigates. Now get your fleet towards the research station. Salvage the defending frigates one at a time if possible using carrier as drop off point. Have your destroyers & missile destroyers destroy the carrier's strike craft as your salvage corvettes salvage it, then have defense field frigates form a defense wall as your salvage corvettes salvage the wall of 45 defender fighters. Destroy the research station.
Mission11: Have your salvage corvettes, destroyers, carriers, and heavy cruiser move towards the attacking fleet & salvage them all. Talk with Bentusi. Check remain docked for all units. Salvage corvettes should be in four carriers. Max out on proximity sensors (you should have about 40).
Mission12: Send your frigates away from the incoming fleet, have salvage corvettes salvage the missile destroyer, grav well generators, and all other capital & super capital ships & probe above your mothership. Send the captured probe towards the heavy cruiser to divert its attention. Use your proximity sensors to locate incoming cloaked units and salvage them. If opposing salvage corvettes come, cloak the proximity sensors/ships those salvage corvettes are after and let your salvage corvettes salvage those salvage corvettes. After strike craft & capital ships stop attacking you, heavy cruiser & its escorts could attack mothership. Try to salvage them all. When Elson arrives salvage the pursuing capital ships & destroy incoming strike craft. After Elson's safe, send your missile destroyers, heavy cruisers, and destroyers & salvage corvettes towards the two carrier groups. Salvage as much as you can.
Mission13: Find the thiefship on your map. Lure it towards your fleet. Use gravity generator to stop it & have your fleet destroy it. Next put all your frigates, destroyers, heavy cruisers, missile destroyers into broad formation while set to neutral. Move this formation towards the autoguns to destroy them (I wish that the Homeworld programmers had let me salvage them. After all autoguns are destroyed, salvage the proximity sensors & dock a salvage corvette with the communications array.
Mission14: Make two sensor arrays. Salvage the ion cannon frigates by getting salvage corvettes close enough to draw them out of the ion cannon frigate sphere area (but not in that area). Have your destroyers, missile destroyers, heavy cruisers, cloakships, frigates, and gravity well ships split into 3 smaller fleets that are about the same. Send each fleet near a hyperspace gate to salvage reinforcement capital & super capital ships (use gravity well ships to immobilize strike craft as you destroy them). Now send destroyers & heavy cruisers & missile destroyers towards the field generator. Salvage all where the inhibitors are (heavy cruiser, carrier, escorts including cloak ships). Destroy the field generator. Group your assault, ion array, & ion cannon frigates into group10 & your destroyers & missile destroyers into group 9.
Mission 15: Send your group 9 destroyers & missile destroyers to destroy the incoming strike craft. Have your heavy cruisers and carriers set to evasive & divert shots from the opposing frigates & destroyers as you send salvage corvettes (while cloaked) to salvage them. Use your group10 frigates set to aggressive to destroy the rockship.
Mission 16: Use your salvage corvettes to salvage the incoming fleet in front and below & carrier above. Use a gravity generator to immobilize incoming strike craft and destroy them with group9. Quickly salvage reinforcement fleets using cloaked salvage corvettes. When Elson arrives, go with him, destroy opposing carrier's strike craft, and help Elson.
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Mission 2: Don't do anything the fleet intell tels you to do, collect the astros nearby and develop heavy corvettes. Use remaining resources to build some fighters and 6 heavy corvettes. Set vettes to wall formation and move fighters somewhere else (preferably a little above the mothership). Send probe to the wreck and let the fighters attack Mothership. Send in the vettes and watch fighters die.
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