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Well, this is one of those bugs you never like to see happen. I've discovered unit images were disappearing, and there seemed to be no rhyme or reason behind it. It was happening for canon designs and non-canon designs alike. It was happening for units that were recently updated as well as units that had never been updated at all. It had been happening for years, but was always small in scope and I corrected the issues as they arose. Recently I discovered almost half the images had been removed, so panic set in. The hunt for the cause was on!

Turns out, I was missing a period in one line of code that was used to remove old image files when updating a unit. The code would remove all image files for a given unit based on id, regardless of the extension. Well, I missed the period indicating the unit separator. Such a small, thing, but this meant if that unit with an id of 30 was updated, it would delete all images associated to units with IDs between 300 and 309, as well as 3000 and 3099.

Needless to say, this was not good. I've gone through and restored as many images as I could, but some are lost forever as a backup has not run for a bit which contained the images lost. So if your image is missing from a unit, I'm deeply sorry, and you'll have to upload a new one.
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