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Full steam ahead! I've been keeping an eye on IndusttrialMechs and the wide code-update I implemented a couple weeks back and have been fixing issues as I see any. With that, I've also been working on other updates and areas of the site as well; some more important than others, of course. Details of what's included are as follows:

  • Fixed an issue where new Collectible Card Game entries could not be submitted
  • Fixed an issue where users without permissions still had the ability to submit new products
  • Fixed an issue where the updated date for calendar entries was not being updated when the calendar entry was modified
  • Fixed an issue where lower arm and hand actuators would sometimes not be present for distribution when editing a design that didn't have them originally distributed
  • Fixed an issue where clicking a row within a lookup did not always recognize the mouse-click
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from viewing one of the Technical Readout: 3067 entries
  • Fixed an issue where record sheets were sometimes not generated due to a clash on the server
  • Fixed an issue where editing an IndustrialMech through the admin would not return you to the unit listing screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Heavy Flamer was categorized as requiring a power amplifier on non-Fusion/Fission IndustrialMechs
  • Fixed an issue where the range columns were not printing for artillery weapons on record sheets
Design Changes
  • Changed the background image and set it to stretch to the size of the browsers window (no more tiling)
  • Changed terminology for rules level from Tournament Legal to the more commonly used Standard
  • Change the unit filter listing to show the rules level for the unit's Era, to match what appears on record sheets
  • In preparation for the addition of newer novels, I've updated the data present for Novels to include Publisher, ISBN-13, Product ID, Collection, and Series
  • Added a What's New dialog to appear in the Force Builder to highlight relevant changes when updates are made in future updates
  • Added Prior and Next navigation icons when viewing a unit in your force. This will allow you to cycle through your orce without having to go back to the main force screen

NOTE: Any units impacted by the above fixes and/or changes have had their stats recalculated to verify they are correct.
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