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A couple weeks, so time for an update. I wouldn't say anything big or ground breaking is in here, but there are a lot of little things. Details of what's included are as follows:

  • Fixed an issue where FrankenMechs were allowed to select donor locations from Superheavies, even if the original design was not a Superheavy.
  • Fixed an issue where answering 'Yes' or 'No' for Was this review useful to you? while viewing reviews from a user profile would not properly record your response.
  • Fixed an issue where an error prompt would appear if trying to generate unit files for a Force which contained no units.
  • Fixed an issue where certain components, such as Endo Steel, would be restricted to locations when editing a BASE configuration of an OmniMech.
Design Changes
  • Updated sending emails of site notifications so the email is sent immediately as opposed to adding it to a queue for later processing.
  • Removed a confirmation prompt which would appear when you click to Load a design within the design editor. The notice now appears on the load dialog itself.
  • Removed several menu options for users not logged in, such as My Design.
  • Ammo available for weapons is now sorted alphabetically within the selection list based on the type of ammo.
  • Added the LRM/LRT -5, -10, -15, and -20 Prototype launchers, which are detailed in Interstellar Operations, to the unit editor for use in designs.
  • Added Prior and Next navigation when viewing your force, so you can now use these icons to more easily navigate through your filtered forces.
  • Added MegaMek (*.mtf) as an option when performing bulk generation of units from within a Force or from the units search listings.
  • To help minimize table space, a monthly task was created that will review various database tables and purge any rejected or deleted submissions that are older then a year.
  • Modified bulk generation of record sheets as a single merged PDF so they now match the behavior of Alpha Strike cards, which is they will appear in the PDF in the order they appear in your listing.
  • Moved the message indicating Internet Explorer is not supported so it appears from all areas of the site (i.e., DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER).
  • Changed the behavior of page loads with navigation arrows so a processing dialog no longer appears, and the prior/next icons will load when their processing completes.
  • Added Role to the list of filterable fields for BattleMech units.
  • Updated the Calendar so Start and End dates now utilize date-type text controls, which means you can now create calendar events for any date.
  • Changed the behavior of the filter dialog so clicking the Add icon if only one field is in the list will auto-select that field and add it (you previously had to select the field before pressing Add).

NOTE: Any units impacted by the above fixes and/or changes have had their stats recalculated to verify they are correct.
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