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BattleMech: Rifleman RFL-2N
Rating: 3.00
Comment: 4/6 movement is solid for a Intro Tech trooper, and this guy has a lot of punch compared to other similarly weighted 'Mechs.

Compared to the Centurion or the Enforcer, it can lay down a lot more firepower at close range, but deals with heat problems when firing both PPCs. 4 MLs is nothing to scoff at and can definitely provide some solid support.

Rear armor is rifleman rear armor, aka non-existent. Furthermore, the head is lacking enough armor to protect even from a PPC or AC 10 with only 6 points. Minus these two glaring oversights, it does have about the same forward facing armor as the aforementioned centurion.

TLDR: Solid armament, terrible armor. 3/5
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