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BattleMech: Thunderbolt II TDRII-1S
Rating: 5.00
Comment: This mech is a perfect sequel to the Thunderbolt. It takes everything the original T-bolt was doing, and it does them better, except maybe in the realm of speed. Having fought against this mech a few times, I can confidently say that it is hard to kill and hits like a truck. It has a lot of armor, can't be destroyed with ammo explosions, and it has an anti-missile system to protect it from missile attacks. The 3 medium VSP lasers do a lot of damage at close range, and are highly accurate, while the clan LRM 20 is deadly in every range bracket. The capacitor on the ER PPC is the secret sauce, and it is very deadly. Gauss rifle damage every other turn, or just 10 points of damage paired with an LRM 20 or other weapon's system. Its a very solid generalist that continues to fill the role of man too angry to die. I would 100% recommend this mech to anyone who wishes to use it.
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