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Design Overview
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                 BattleMech Technical Readout

Name/Model:         Tzunami ((Parrack's Mech)) TZU-1L
Designer:           The Grand Poobah
Source(s):          Custom Mordel.Net Units
Technology:         Inner Sphere
Technology Rating:  E
Tonnage:            30
Configuration:      Biped BattleMech
Era/Year:           Civil War / 3067
Rules (Current):    Tournament Legal
Rules (Era):        Tournament Legal
Rules (Year):       Tournament Legal
Total Cost:         3,955,445 C-Bills
Battle Value:       935

Chassis:              Corean Model TZ Endo Steel
Power Plant:          Edasich Motors-Aur 180 XL
Walking Speed:        64.8 kph  
Maximum Speed:        97.2 kph  
Jump Jets:            Hellespont Leaper 1500 
    Jump Capacity:    180 meters
Armor:                Hellespont Light
    1 Firmir MaxiLase Large Laser
    2 Firmir Standard Medium Lasers
    1 Hovertec Streak SRM 2
    1 Martell Small Laser
Manufacturer:         Unknown
    Primary Factory:  Unknown
Communications:       CeresCom Model 31-Rs
Targeting & Tracking: C-Apple Churchill 31

    A well rounded light 'Mech, The Tzunami combines firepower with maneuverability both of
    which are essential for a 'Mech of its class. Armament includes a Firmir MaxiLase Large
    laser, two Firmir Standard Medium Lasers, a HoverTech SRM 2 Streak pack, and a Martell Small
    Laser. As with the previous light 'Mech designs by Dr. Linn, the Tzunami has an XL engine,
    endosteel internal structure, and double heat sink technology. These features combine to
    allow Dr. Linn more tonnage for additional armor, giving the pilot better protection. During
    field testing, the Tzunami was able to deliver sustained damage while maintaining a
    comfortable distance from enemy forces when necessary. The Tzunami is produced by Earthwerks
    Incorporated, the largest 'Mech producer within the Capellan Confederation. Earthwerks'
    executives are confident that the Tzunami will be a dazzling success and view its production
    as the beginning of an economic boom for their corporation.

    House Fujita 1st Battalion, defenders of Eartwerks Incorporated, were among the first to put
    the Tzunami through its paces and have reported favorably on its overall performance.

Equipment                                                             Mass                      
Internal Structure:                         Endo Steel                 1.50                     
Engine:                                       180 XL                   3.50                     
    Walking MP:                                 6                                               
    Running MP:                                 9                                               
    Jumping MP:                                 6                                               
Heat Sinks (Double):                         10 [20]                   0.00                     
Gyro:                                        Standard                  2.00                     
Cockpit:                                     Standard                  3.00                     
Armor Factor:                                  105                     7.00                     
    Type:                                    Standard                                           

                                    Internal         Armor     
                                    Structure        Value     
    Head:                               3              9       
    Center Torso:                      10             15       
    Center Torso (rear):                               5       
    R/L Torso:                          7             10       
    R/L Torso (rear):                                  4       
    R/L Arm:                            5             10       
    R/L Leg:                            7             14       

Weapons and Ammo                                       Location          Critical     Tonnage   
2 Medium Lasers                                           CT                2          2.00             
3 Jump Jets                                               RT                3          1.50             
Streak SRM 2                                              RT                1          1.50             
Streak SRM 2 (Ammo 50)                                    RT                1          1.00             
3 Jump Jets                                               LT                3          1.50             
Small Laser                                               RA                1          0.50             
Large Laser                                               LA                2          5.00             

Alpha Strike Statistics                                             
Point Value (PV): 26
TP: BM,  SZ: 1,  TMM: 2,  MV: 12"j
Damage: (S) 3 / (M) 3 / (L) 0,  OV: 0
Armor (A): 4,  Structure (S): 1