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Most Recent Requests
Number Priority Type Title Status
1902-005 3 Enhancement [Technical Readouts] Remove invalid equipment when the chassis changes Pending Review
1902-004 3 Enhancement [Technical Readouts] Allow for non-standard placement/quantity of criticals to be stored in DB Enhancement Created
1902-003 3 Enhancement [Technical Readouts] Move the ability to add a PPC Capacitor to a weapon to the DB as a flag Enhancement Created
1902-002 3 Enhancement [Technical Readouts] Add flag to indicate if an item can be critted or not Enhancement Created
1902-001 3 Enhancement [Technical Readouts] Allow gyros to populate dynamically Enhancement Created
1901-002 3 Enhancement [Technical Readouts] Allow engines to populate dynamically Enhancement Created
1901-001 3 Enhancement [Account Management] Remove out-dated account details Pending Review
1812-002 3 Defect [Technical Readouts] Mech components with incorrect rules levels Closed - No Action
1812-001 3 Defect [Technical Readouts] AES and RISC Super-Cooled Myomer incompatibility Fixed
1811-002 2 Defect [Technical Readouts] Can't place Hand Actuator after it's removed Closed - No Action
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Median life of an issue 1 month 1 week 9 hours 22 minutes 16 seconds
Slowest time to resolution 10 years 4 months 1 week 7 hours 58 minutes 5 seconds
Quickest time to resolution 21 seconds
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