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Enhancement (411)
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Most Recent Requests
Number Priority Type Title Status
2007-020 3 Design Change [Other] Add timestamp to CODE_TAG if Code Release is in Draft Change Implemented
2007-019 3 Design Change [Other] The sandbox environment should not be indexed Change Implemented
2007-018 3 Design Change [Products] Submit New Product should be admin only Change Implemented
2007-017 3 Design Change [Administration] In the admin unit listing, add a secondary sort on Revision Change Implemented
2007-016 3 Enhancement [Technical Readouts] Jump to Design Page from Mech Designwr Pending Review
2007-015 3 Enhancement [Technical Readouts] Allow for highlighting latest source for Readout and Record Sheet Pending Review
2007-014 3 Enhancement [Administration] Add navigation to recalculate flagged units Pending Review
2007-013 3 Enhancement [Electronic Request System] Incorporate What's New info directly into ERS Pending Review
1602-014 3 Enhancement [Technical Readouts] Add a force builder feature Open - Deferred
2007-012 3 Enhancement [Other] Fields in advanced filter should auto-suggest (where applicable) to make it easier Pending Review
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Median life of an issue 1 month 18 hours 45 minutes 25 seconds
Slowest time to resolution 10 years 4 months 1 week 9 hours 58 minutes 5 seconds
Quickest time to resolution 21 seconds
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    chihawk, Vagabond