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Design Overview
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                 BattleMech Technical Readout

Name/Model:         Jenner ("the Zero") JR7-C0
Designer:           EmptyThrone
Source(s):          Custom Mordel.Net Units
Technology:         Inner Sphere
Technology Rating:  E
Tonnage:            35
Configuration:      Biped BattleMech
Era/Year:           Civil War / 3067
Rules (Current):    Tournament Legal
Rules (Era):        Tournament Legal
Rules (Year):       Tournament Legal
Total Cost:         6,354,675 C-Bills
Battle Value:       1,124

Chassis:              Endo Steel
Power Plant:          245 XL
Walking Speed:        75.6 kph  
Maximum Speed:        118.8 kph 
Jump Jets:            Standard
    Jump Capacity:    210 meters
Armor:                Ferro-Fibrous
    4 Medium Pulse Lasers
Manufacturer:         Unknown
    Primary Factory:  Unknown
Communications:       Unknown
Targeting & Tracking: Unknown with Advanced Targeting Computer

    Designed due to an arena defeat against a Havoc light mech, this Jenner variant was designed
    as a way to supplant "the one" with the design that first inspired it, hence the variant's
    own nickname of "the zero" which consequently also had ties to ancient Terran Japan.

    Though the Jenner is roughly 10% slower than a Havoc, this was made up for by an 60m
    increase in mobility, allowing for a 210m jump vs the Havoc's 150m.
    The weapons chosen were picked in order to beat the rival at its own game. Though the
    weapon's range is significantly closer, 4 medium pulse lasers tied to a Targeting Computer
    allow for comparable and often more consistent damage. The lack of ammo adds to its
    endurance and the inclusion of a C3 slave helps to keep its identity as a Jenner variant
    while also allowing this duelist type mech to act as a team player.

    The variant is enjoying popularity among the Combine nationalist but has yet to see any
    actual combat. This is due to it's rather high price tag and the unfortunate fact that this
    new variant is a new model rather than a simple upgrade kit.
    This problem was further compounded by the fact that in order to reduce costs of the initial
    runs, different firmware and parts were utilized which prevents the Zero from being
    backwards compatible with its predecessors.
    The logistics headache caused by this choice may have prevented future runs of this variant.

Equipment                                                             Mass                      
Internal Structure:                         Endo Steel                 2.00                     
Engine:                                       245 XL                   6.00                     
    Walking MP:                                 7                                               
    Running MP:                                 11                                              
    Jumping MP:                                 7                                               
Heat Sinks (Double):                         10 [20]                   0.00                     
Gyro:                                        Standard                  3.00                     
Cockpit:                                     Standard                  3.00                     
Armor Factor:                                  116                     6.50                     
    Type:                                 Ferro-Fibrous                                         

                                    Internal         Armor     
                                    Structure        Value     
    Head:                               3              9       
    Center Torso:                      11             17       
    Center Torso (rear):                               4       
    R/L Torso:                          8             13       
    R/L Torso (rear):                                  3       
    R/L Arm:                            6             12       
    R/L Leg:                            8             15       

Weapons and Ammo                                       Location          Critical     Tonnage   
Jump Jet                                                  CT                1          0.50             
C3 Slave                                                  RT                1          1.00             
Jump Jet                                                  RT                1          0.50             
Targeting Computer                                        RT                2          2.00             
Jump Jet                                                  LT                1          0.50             
2 Medium Pulse Lasers                                     RA                2          4.00             
2 Medium Pulse Lasers                                     LA                2          4.00             
2 Jump Jets                                               RL                2          1.00             
2 Jump Jets                                               LL                2          1.00             

Alpha Strike Statistics                                             
Point Value (PV): 38
TP: BM,  SZ: 1,  TMM: 3,  MV: 14"j
Damage: (S) 3 / (M) 3 / (L) 0,  OV: 0
Armor (A): 4,  Structure (S): 2
Specials: C3S, ENE, MHQ1