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Title: BattleRun II: The Quest for the Thing
Category: Free Download
Member: Mordel
Formats: PDF
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Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs 
Product ID: 28F001
Copyright: © 2020
Cover Art: Cover Art
©2020 The Topps Company, Inc.
Description: Welcome back to the Eighth World! The following adventure is definitely legit and has actual rules references and everything. For those of you who want to play BattleTech crossed with Shadowrun, this is the adventure for you! For those of you who say, “What? That concept seems totally unworkable,” this adventure also is for you! It’s for everyone! Except for people who don’t care about BattleTech or Shadowrun! Screw them!

So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re going to summarize the plot of the adventure, and then we’re going to provide the details of the adventure we already summarized, but we’d like you to act surprised. We’ll hold back some details to help maintain the suspense.

Sound good? Let’s roll.
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