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Title: Spotlight On: Unending Faith
Category: Supplement
Member: Mordel
Formats: PDF
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Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs 
Product ID: 35SN107
Copyright: © 2018
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Description: Nearly every faith in human history has had its militant, stalwart protectors of the light ready to cast down those who would question the true path. The vision of Blessed Blake is no different. The creation of the Republic and its disbanding of the Com Guard cast a deep shadow, but true faith endures. Now, amid a Dark Age, the light of Blake is needed more than ever and the Blessed Order stands ready to share it with the Inner Sphere. For the warriors of Unending Faith, the end of the Com Guard was only the beginning.

Spotlight On: Unending Faith includes a Unit History, Personalities, Personnel Rosters, Mission Tracks, and data for use with all scales of BattleTech play.
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Units Associated to this Product
  Name/Model Technology Era Year Rules Level (Current) Tonnage BV Cost
  Uller (Kit Fox) BLO Clan Dark Age 3140 Tournament Legal (Extinct) 30 988 6,240,244