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Title: Shattered Fortress
Category: Sourcebook
Member: Mordel
Formats: Print  |  PDF
ISBN-10: 1-941582-39-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-941582-39-8
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs 
Product ID: 35900
Copyright: © 2018
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In 3146, the Republic of the Sphere hangs by a tenuous thread. The last fragments of Devlin Stoneís dream to shepherd humankind toward a more prosperous future hide behind the impenetrable defenses of Fortress Republic. As the interstellar communications blackout rages, the ambitious Great Houses vie for military dominance, and the bloodthirsty Clans strive to find a weakness in the Fortressís armor on their path to conquering Terra and claiming the coveted title of ilClan. When the Wall comes down, will the Inner Sphere plunge even further into the abyss of interstellar war, or will this herald the dawning of a new age?

Shattered Fortress chronicles the twilight of BattleTechís Dark Age, as nations are thrown into turmoil and predators circle the broken remnants of the Republic of the Sphere. This volume provides a year-by-year look at pivotal turning points in Inner Sphere, offers a peek behind the curtain of Fortress Republic, and reveals the fateful decisions that will ultimately decide the future of the Inner Sphere.
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  Name/Model Technology Era Year Rules Level (Current) Tonnage BV Cost
  Templar III TLR2-J "Arthur" Inner Sphere Dark Age 3146 Advanced 85 2,722 23,040,363