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Microsoft Surrenders To US Military
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Military Times article

Back at E3, Microsoft executive Don Mattrick was asked about the fact that the X-Box One would require users to remain connected to the internet at all times, as if the machine didn't make a required 24-hour check-in with Microsoft it'd shut down until it could. The reason for this is that a growing number of service members have been taking their X-Boxes with them for entertainment while deployed, and it's often difficult, if not impossible, to have a regular internet connection while at sea or at certain military facilities. In response, Mattrick blew everyone off, saying that if service members were unable to make do with the restrictions then they could just use a 360.

Well, Mattrick just got his head handed back to him over the issue.

The blowback from Mattrick's remarks was so astounding in scope and nature that Microsoft has done an about-face on the matter.

*Instead of a mandatory check-in every 24 hours, the owner just has to check in when they first purchase their machine. At that point, they can play offline at their leisure.

*The mechanism that would prevent anyone from playing used games has been deleted, meaning that people can rent or purchase pre-owned games.

Some features (such as a planned family library system) will be deleted to accommodate these changes, and there is no word yet as to whether or not there would be region support for places like Japan, South Korea, or Afghanistan.

If I was Microsoft, though, I'd make sure that Mattrick is no longer in a position to be speaking to the general public ever again.
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