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This agile approach really let's me put things out quick. Or maybe it's because most off it is small. Either way, I do try to get one "cool" feature in each update, no matter how easy to implement. Details of what's included are as follows:

  • Fixed an issue where you could place weapons such as PPCs, Gauss Rifles, and Autocannons on OmniMechs that still had a lower arm actuator, which is against construction rules.
  • Modified it so users who can add sources to units (e.g., admins) will now see the latest added product as the default selection in the list, meaning less clicks.
  • Modified the stock image used on Alpha Strike cards, when the unit doesn't have an image associated with it, to be the Atlas head logo seen on the newer products.
  • Modified the frequency with which I ping updated sitemaps to Google such that they now only ping when there is a change.
  • Modified the table which stores bulk download requests to add additional details to be able to better troubleshoot when problems are encountered.
  • Modified the menus so clicking on Weapons & Equipment or Design Quirks immedately takes you to View /Search, thus removing the sub-menus.
  • Added the following additional equipment that was present in Interstellar Operations:
    • Improved PPC, Improved Autocannon (/2, /5, /10, /20), Improved Gauss Rifle
  • Added the following additional fields which users can use to further filter and search for Units:
    • Armor (Model), Chassis (Model), Communications (Model), Date Added, Date Updated, Engine (Model), Equipment (Model), Jump Jets (Model), Jump Jet Type, Manufacturer, Primary Factory, Targeting & Tracking (Model)
  • Added/updated equipment description and stats for the following:
    • C3 Boosted Master, C3 Boosted Slave, C3 Computer (Master), C3 Emergency Master, C3 Remote Sensor Launcher, C3 Slave, Cargo (Insulated, Liquid, and Standard), Improved C3 Computer
  • Added the ability to utilize lookups in the filter dialogs. This was used on most of the new fields added above, but also back-ported to existing fields, such as Armor, Cockpit, etc. By using lookup fields for these, it means less hard-coding of values, and future-proofs the dialogs when customized equipment is allowed.

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