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Found quite a few bugs while I was working on Alpha Strike, so figured I'd get all the known ones fixed and the site updated. The below lists what these bug fixes were:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the unit designer to hang when trying to add Hardened armor to a unit that also contained a Large or Medium Shield, and also had a base Walk of 1.
  • Fixed an error that could sometimes lead to a Duplicate Key Exists error, and prevent the user from downloading record sheets or other generated file for a specified unit.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Artemis V was previously capable of being equipped to Inner Sphere launchers, Artemis IV (Prototype) was able to be added to Clan launchers.
  • Fixed an error where the Heavy Flamer and Vehicle Flamer was incorrectly categorized as Ballistic weapons when they should have been Energy weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where uploading a JPG as a PNG (or vice versa) would cause an error when trying to generate the record sheet for that unit.
  • Fixed an error where side torso engine criticals were not getting properly updated when a unit switched from to or from a Superheavy.
  • Fixed an omission where the Point Value calculation was not appearing in the summary section of the Admin unit editor screen.
  • Fixed an issue where text after a dounle quote were getting stripped when opening the Filter dialog to make changes.
  • Disabled auto-complete on filter dialog text boxes to prevent the suggestion of values which are not relevant to the field being searched.
  • Fixed an issue where ampersands that were used in passwords prevented users from logging in.
  • Modified to prevent the use of Internet Explorer when designing custom units. Internet Explorer is no longer receiving updates to support newer web standards, and as such is not compatible with the unit design module.

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