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FrankenMechs Testers Wanted
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So I finally finished my work on FrankenMechs, but because it required quite a bit of code tweaking, I really would like to do some testing on it first before pushing it out to the site. The way structure and jump jets are handled was completely revamped. While I did quite a bit of testing myself, I realize folks do things different then me.

So... if you want to help an old man out, I've updated the database and all necessary files on the Sandbox version of the site, which you can find at I took a copy of the database from the Live site, so they currently are identical, which means your username and password here will also work there. FrankenMechs can be designed with Experimental tech in any Era. LAMs are not allowed to be FrankenMechs, for obvious reasons.

I took the liberty of submitting a test 50-ton FrankenMech for your pleasure if you wanted to see it. It's HERE and contains the following FrankenMech features:

  • 70-ton donor head with Reinforced structure
  • 60-ton donor left arm, torso, and leg with Endo Steel structure
  • Hybrid structure (since the left side uses Endo and the Head uses Reinforced), the rest uses Standard
  • 1 0.5-ton jump jet and 2 1-ton jump jets to achieve the 5 jump MP needed

Anyways, I'd really appreciate it if folks could create a random test design or two and let me know if they encounter any issues!
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