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The first update of the year! Not a whole lot on the list, but a few good things none-the-less. Details are as follows:

  • Added a new "Challenge Prompt" to the registration process. The prompt is simply a BattleTech related question that you should likely already know the answer to, or be able to quickly find it out. The goal of it is to try and stop spam accounts from getting created. I don't get inundated with them, but I tend to get a few each week. We'll see if this works.
  • In my continuing effort to move towards the ability to create custom equipment, weapons, etc., I've modified the code so what's available for the Engine listing is now populated dynamically. This required quite a bit of code throughout, but having it dynamic makes it significantly easier moving forward.
  • Last but not least, and the biggest enhancement on this list, I revamped the way designing an OmniMech works. The following is a list of what some of those changes are (I'm sure I've forgotten a thing or two)
    • There is a new delete (X) icon in listings to delete designs you created. Previously you had to go to the TRO page to delete, which wasn't obvious.
    • BASE configurations will now be returned in any unit listing areas. Users can view these BASE configurations as with any other unit.
    • Users now have the ability to edit BASE configurations they have created.
    • Editing or deleting a BASE configuration and saving it will delete any variants created from that BASE. You will be prompted prior to saving/deleting, and the prompt will list all variants which will be impacted.
    • The 'Load' icon has been turned into a button, and moved to be with the the Save and Reset buttons.
    • Loading a BASE configuration you created will prompt you if you want to 'Create Variant Configuration', or 'Modify BASE Configuration'.
    • Loading a BASE configuration another user has created will prompt you if you want to 'Create Alternate Configuration', or 'Create New BASE Configuration' (tied to your account)
    • After saving a BASE configuration, a new 'Create Variant' button will appear at the bottom next to the other buttons to be able to easily start creating variants from your recently saved BASE configuration.

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