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I've applied some assorted updates again. Full details of all updates are as follows:

  • Fixed an issue where Lower Arm Actuators and Hand Actuators became "fixed" if they were part of the BASE configuration. While everything else behaves in this fashion, removable actuators do not, and can be removed in alternate configurations, even when the BASE configuration is designed with them.
  • Fixed a bug where the number of jump jets that appeared on the distribution screen were not properly reduced when you lowered the Walking MP. Even though the Jump MP correctly updated, the number of jump jets on distribution incorrectly reflected the old number.
  • Modified the filtering options for Equipment when searching for units. For example, previously if you searched for 'PPC', the results would show every unit that contained equipment with PPC in the title. This included ER PPCs, Snub-Nose PPCs, etc. There are now four conditions for filtering on Equipment. They are 'Like', 'Not Like', 'Contains', and 'Not Contains'. 'Like' and 'Not Like' behave similar to how it worked previously, where it returned (or excluded) all results with equipment titles "like" the value entered. Contains will return units with that exact piece of equipment. So filtering on 'Contains PPC' will show all unit with a PPC (not Snub-Nose, ER, or any other kind).
  • Added the ability for an administrator or a project lead to modify the 'Reported By' user for tickets logged in the Electronic Request System.
  • A checkbox has been added to the 'Modify warrior data' dialog when viewing a unit. This checkbox will indicate whether you want to enable the modification of warrior data which appears in the readout as well as the record sheet. By default it is not checked, and therefore no Piloting and Gunnery skills will be printed on the record sheets. If you want this info, you will now check the box and modify the data as applicable. This will now allow you to print record sheets without any of the data included.
  • The 'Modify warrior data' dialog has been updated to now account for the various possibilities of warrior information that will appear on the unit's record sheet. This information is likewise printed in the applicable regions of the record sheet. BV calculations also take into account the expanded warrior data collection, when applicable. You are now allowed to enter the following warrior data:
    • QuadVee: Pilot and Gunner - Names, Gunnery, and Piloting Skills
    • Tripod: Pilot and Gunner - Names, Gunnery, and Piloting Skills
    • Land-Air (Bimodal and Standard): Name, Gunnery, and Piloting Skills (both BattleMech and Aerospace)
    • Command Console: Primary and Secondary MechWarrior - Names, Gunnery, and Piloting Skills
    • Default: Name, Gunnery, and Piloting Skill
  • Modified the nightly emails which are generated when a new BattleMech is approved. In addition to what was there before, the Designer as well as whether the design is canon or custom, will now be included.
  • In an effort to move closer to the inclusion of custom equipment, I've included a flag in the database to indicate that a given piece of equipment can be linked to an Artemis or Apollo FCS. This removes the need to hard-code these within the source code.
  • Modified the quick-edit filter dialog so pressing the [ENTER] key while in a text box will now behave as if you clicked the 'Apply' button. Previously you had to type your text, then mouse-click the Apply button, which was marginally a pain.
  • Due to the introduction of Super Heavies, I have now added the Long Tom artillery (TO p. 284) as an equipment option. This previously was not available to BattleMechs as it took up too many critical spaces. But they can fit on Super Heavies due to the nature of critical compaction.

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