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It's been a while since the last update, so now's just as good a time as any to apply it as the first update of the new year. The reason for the somewhat lengthy delay is this update includes only one enhancement that wont even be noticeable in the UI. But it required extensive database restructuring and a good amount of code rewrite. Details are as follows:

  • The unit equipment tables have been completely restructured and reconciled to match the latest information available in Interstellar Operations, including any known errata. While the changes won't impact the user interface, there are some benefits to all the work.

    • All equipment now includes prototype dates. This means that many pieces of equipment that were only available based on when it went into a broader production phase, are now available for units using experimental tech at an earlier date.
    • There is a speed increase with the new table structures and code. Initial loading of the designer UI now only takes 2-3 seconds as opposed to 3-4 seconds it took before. Doesn't sound like a lot, but the updates that make that faster also impact anywhere equipment information is accessed. In many cases you won't notice a different, but there are increases in performance in there.
    • I can now create an Equipment section when time permits. This section will list out all the stats for a given piece of equipment, along with any build-in construction restrictions and availability information.
    • The restructured tables was a key building block for allowing the implementation of additional unit types. Now that this is done, I can move forward with the introduction of other units such as IndustrialMechs, Vehicles, ProtoMechs, etc. Essentially everything the BattleTech universe has to offer.
    • Finally, it's the first, and largest, step to being able to allow for the creation of custom equipment. I know many folks love their own custom equipment, and the new tables and code will allow for the seamless integration of such equipment by offering a friendly interface, when time permits the implementation of it, for a user to go about creating their favorite home-brew tech.

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