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Fixed a few more bugs and added in an enhancement for the fun of it. The below lists these changes in more detail:

  • Fixed an error where deleting a post caused the Topic Replies count to be incorrect. In cases where it was the only reply, a database SQL error occurred. The way the reply count was calculated has been updated so the number is always correct.
  • Fixed a UI issue where commas were not present in numbers on the Battle Vlue Breakdown screen when designing or editing a unit. This was correct when viewing the breakdown on the readout screen, and was also correct for the Cost Breakdown.
  • Fixed an issue where an apostrophe in the Load Design dialog caused the working icon to continuously show and no results appear. It's been updated such that apostrophes will now work in this, and other, dialogs.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple topics were getting created when a unit was modified and the user opted to keep the latest revision only. This happened before the previous topic id from the original revisions were not being saved. The code now retains the previous topic id and uses that to post the new design to the existing topic.
  • Fixed an issue where the availability for a unit was showing Unavailable if designed with a Clan technology base, but then implementing a Land-Air chassis.
  • The way restrictions are defined when trying to add Weapons and Equipment has been moved to the database. Previously these things were hard-coded into the javascript itself. The main benefit to this is it makes the code smaller and more easily maintainable. The second and longer benefit is that it will allow for the possible addition of custom equipment, as these restrictions can be defined by the end-user. There are a lot more places i the code that need tweaking, so this was just the first of many small steps to reach that end goal.

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