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Figured it was time to push out another update to the site. Worked on quite a few things. A handful of bug fixes, and some worthwhile enhancements; at least worthwhile to me. The below lists these changes in more detail:

  • Fixed an issue with posting saved unit designs to the forum, whereby, if the topic the design was posted to was deleted, any subsequent saves would not post to the forums. It's been updated so that if the original topic no longer exists, a new one will be created.
  • Fixed an issue in the admin where, after changing a design from Public to Private, the design was still requiring approval. This has been changed since private designs do not require approval.
  • Fixed an issue where, when an admin edited the design of another user via the regular UI (not the admin UI), the owner of the design was changed to the admin that made the update. The code has been updated so the designer stays as is.
  • Fixed a bug where users were able to register new accounts with usernames that were already taken. This should not have been allowed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Laser Insulator was not being removed from a design if the weapon it was associated to was un-allocated or removed from the design. The code has been updated such that Laser Insulators are removed when the associated equipment is likewise removed.
  • Fixed an issue where word wrap was not working for users on the Edge browser when posting messages in the forums, or sending site messages.
  • Revamped how units are saved while using the unit design functionality. There were a lot of minor, cosmetic changes you'll notice, but the biggest one dealt with the save itself. Previously, when you designed a unit from the Create Unit menu, it would save a new unit each time you clicked Submit. When you edited an existing unit, it would overwrite that unit in the database and create a new revision. With this update, things behave more closely to a regular application. In addition to Submit being renamed to Save on the button, the following other key changes were implemented:
    • The uniqueness check on the name/model combo is against canon designs only now. You will no longer see an error if creating a new design with the same name as one of your other existing designs.
    • If saving a unit whose name does not exist in your list of designs, the unit will simply save and you'll get a confirmation prompt that it saved successfully. You will no longer receive a prompt confirming you want to save.
    • Using the Create Unit menu, editing a design via the pencil icon, or loading a design using the Load Existing Design cloud icon, now all have the same behavior, and are essentially interchangeable. Previously, depending on how you started creating/editing a design, the submit behavior varied.
    • If saving a unit whose name does exist in your list of designs, you will be presented with a prompt to confirm you would like to continue saving the unit. This prompt will also have two options on how you want to handle the retention of revisions.
      1. Remove all: This is the default option, and it will keep only the latest revision of the unit you are saving. Any other existing revisions will be removed.
      2. Retain all: This will create a new revision for the unit you are saving and keep any existing ones. Existing revisions for a unit can be viewed from a dropdown next to the unit name when viewing its readout.
    • The cost breakdown for units has been revamped so it is formatted like the battle value breakdown, and it can now be downloaded via the Generate pulldown. This keeps them both consistent in terms of look and functionality, as well as making it easier to share the costs should one desire.
    • I improved the sorting on Product ID when viewing game material. It was mostly ok, but thanks to the erratic nature of the way CGL has numbered its products over the years, sorting by Product ID was all but useless. The new sorting is custom, and will sort first by publisher; FASA, FanPro, then IMR and CGL together. Then within each publisher it smartly groups like products. For example, PDF-only items related to a published book; such as Alpha Strike, will appear after the published book. All the products with alphabetic codes in the IDs are now grouped and ordered. All those varying formats for record sheet PDFs will now appear together. My OCD is now at ease...
    • Any equipment that is associated with another weapon or equipment, will now be placed immediately after where the associated weapon is placed. For example, if you had a fixed laser with a pulse module associated with it, and both were in the needs distribution table, you'd have to place both separately. Now when you place the laser, the pulse module is automatically placed in the slot immediately after it, provided space is available.
    • Added the ability, as an administrator, to create a new design and specify a Designer different then yourself. This will allow you to create or edit designs, and change who the designer associated with it is. It seems minor, but it'll be helpful for me.

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