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I've just pushed out another update, and while some of the stuff is for me only, you'll find a couple of the other features more beneficial to you. The below lists these changes in more detail:

  • Fixed an issue where the tonnage of QuadVee Wheels was incorrectly being calculated as 1 ton for every 15 tons the unit weighs. It's now been updates so QyadVee Wheels now weigh 15% of the unit tonnage.
Design Changes
  • For users who have the right to add sources to units, the sources selected will now line up in a tabular format. Each row will contain three sources, and there will be as many rows as needed. The "remove" icon is lined up to the left of the source. This minor change makes it easier to read the sources, but also remove them.
  • A minor update to add a space before and after the forward slash in MML ammo names. It was more difficult to read the ammo bin when it read as '[LRM/Acid]', for example. Now it will read as '[LRM / Acid]', making the title easier to read.
  • A change has been made so units which are designed with a privacy setting other then Public will not be approved. The approval process is intended as a way to reward users with credits that they can spend in the store. Since non-public units are not visible to anyone but the creator, it won't be eligible for the credit award, and thus, no approval is required.
  • A new 'quick-filter' feature has been added. This will allow you to quickly filter the resulting unit list based on a single criteria: Name/Model, Source, Technology, or Tonnage. You can also quickly filter so only Canon designs are returned. This functionality does not replace the ability to perform an advanced filter, whereby you can open the filter dialog and select far more fields to search on as well as various criteria for those fields.
  • Added the ability to select EMPTY ammo bins when viewing a unit's readout. This can be done by selecting the corresponding [EMPTY] bin applicable to the ammo bin you'd like to declare as empty. Doing this allows you to easily generate PDFs where you want the ammo bin to be empty going into a battle.
  • I've added a processing dialog when sending site messages. Previously, there was the potential that the user had to wait a short bit after hitting the Send button while the page waited for a response from the server. This led to users hitting the Send button multiple times. The dialog will now help the user know that something is processing. The dialog will close once the message is sent.
  • Changed the Member lookup in the Site Messages section to use different auto-suggest code. It now uses the same code utilized for the 'Unit Lookup' dialog. This keeps the auto-suggest boxes similar, but also means that fixing or changing the code will impact all lookup fields.
  • Added a new feature whereby administrators (i.e., ME) could filter the unit listing based on the units Privacy setting. This will allow them to see how frequently the various settings are used.

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