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Kurtia or Laio War of 3039
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That was the question Hanse had to figure out, now it makes some sense to hit the Combine from two fronts since your new powerhouse of a nation (the Fed-Com) needs to show its teeth and not be a paper tiger.

Hanse had to know that the Combine wasn't going to be an easy fight, and while it would be impressive to take a chunk away from them and hurt them, it should have been clear that they would not get a knock out blow, not against the Combine and not with Theodore and his changes to the DCMS and other things that Hanse found out about a bit too late. And one other factor was pushing him to take on the Combine and not the best reason though.

So, IMVHO, the Fed-Com should have finished off the Capellans. Yes it was the weaker of the two by far, and yes it would the big kid on the block picking on the hurt smaller kid, but it would have been a better way to show the military skills of the Fed-Com and to show that they had learned from the 4th War and removed a future set of threats. Flipside, would be a possible stronger FWL since they would be crapping themselves to death over the idea of an enlarged Fed-Com on their borders and the Combine would get to see things unfold and learn as well, plus they could rebuild their military and better prepare for fighting that would come their way as well. The gains to the Fed-Com would be a threat removed and a major shift in the dynamics of the players.

I know I have left out things, but hey what better way to open the floor then let y'all fill in the missing stuff and given your thoughts on this one.
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