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It's been over a month, but I've been plodding along during that time working on a couple updates; a bug fix and a few enhancements. Details are as follows:

  • Fixed an issue where units designed with an Inner Sphere technology base were not properly being classified as Mixed when they used Primitive technology. This resulted in the inability to edit the design once it was submitted as the mixed flag was cleared, and none of the Primitive technologies were available since it only matched on IS tech. This has been fixed, and the few designs impacted by this in the database have been corrected.
  • Changed the behavior of the 'Balance' armor checkbox so it becomes unchecked when you design a FrankenMech. This is because many FrankenMech's will utilize donor locations from non-conforming tonnage units. In these cases, armor can't be balanced, and having the box checked unknowingly will make the armor distribution appear a bit off if you're not expecting it.
  • The behavior and functionality of the lookup suggestion boxes has been completely revamped and greatly improved upon. Instead of a standard drop-down showing only the first X suggestions, it now behaves as follows:
    • It now displays the number of possible suggestions returned (limited to 500 for performance reasons) at the top of the suggestion box, and will display 10 at-a-time.
    • If more then ten suggestions are returned, the ability to scroll through the suggestions is possible using the 'Prev' and 'Next' links at the top of the suggestion box.
    • The UI was changed to make it easier to read (spacing, seperator, etc)
    • Better event handling of mouse and key events provides better support for showing the suggestions and capturing the suggestion presented.
  • The ability to enter Manufacturer information for a given unit has been added and is supported in the following manner:
    • You can add as many Manufacturers as are possible for a unit. For each Manufacturer, you then enter the Primary Factory.
    • For each component (armor, engine, weapons, etc) you enter an applicable Manufacturer/Model. Manufacturers/Models already available will be presented via the suggestion lookup, and are filtered by component and type. For example, the suggestions for Engine will be different depending on if your unit has a standard Fusion engine or an XL engine.
    • New entries are accepted and can be submitted with your unit. Future suggestions will then include these newly added entries so the list is always expanding.

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