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A few weeks have passed, that means it's time for an update. Some enhancements have been made along with a few fixes. Details are as follows:

  • Fixed an issue where Small Shields were impacting the listed movement in the readout as well as on record sheets when they should not have been. Only large and medium shields should have impacted the moment. Note this did not impact any Battle Value calculations as movement was correctly being calculated for that purpose.
  • Fixed an issue where the armoring added to engine criticals in the center torso were being removed when the type of gyro was changed. This also happened to armoring added to gyros when the type of engine was changed.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect results were being returned when a user tried to filter BattleMech units by source 'Not Equals' was used for the condition.
  • To further prepare for custom equipment and remove the need for hard-coding, a new equipment restriction was added to prevent the placement of equipment to a given location if a certain quantity of other indicated equipment was already placed there. This restriction accounts for given quantities depending on if the unit is a superheavy or not.
  • Removed all Turret types from appearing in the Weapons & Equipment section of record sheets. It wasn't necessary to list them there since the weapons included in a turret are already marked with a (T).
  • Updated all record sheet types to utilize the new BattleTech logo that has been present on all new source material.
  • Increased the max file size allowed for downloads to 50MB to allow for including some free material available on the CGL site.
  • Added and updated descriptions and and any relevant or incorrect information for the following weapons and equipment:
    • Flamer
    • Heavy Lasers (Small, Medium, Large)
    • Heavy PPC
    • Improved Heavy Lasers (Small, Medium, Heavy)
    • Chemical Lasers (Small, Medium, Large)

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