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It's been almost two months since the last update, but I have been working pretty diligently on a new feature that required quite a bit of code tweaks. Details are as follows:

  • Fixed an issue in the Request system whereby text fields would show audit history when nothing had changed. This happened when the text field contained a carriage return or a line feed character.
  • Fixed an issue where an error could potentially occur when switching the technology base. No message was presented to the user about this error, but it would prevent certain equipment from being available, such as the Targeting Computer.
  • Fixed an issue where certain non-standard characters used in pilot names would not render properly on the record sheet.
  • Fixed an issue where anything that would require a critical slot in the center leg would still show in the Needs Distribution table when you switch the chassis to anything other then a tripod.
  • Changing the chassis will now automatically remove any equipment that is invalid with that chassis, and will no longer show it as available equipment. Previously it would simply show as an invalid design, and you had to manually remove the illegal equipment yourselves.
  • Added the ability to design FrankenMechs from the Strategic Operations rulebook when the rules level is set to Experimental. Thge three canon designs utilizing FrankenMech construction have been entered. Checking the FrankenMech box allows you to do the following during design:
    • Select a Donor tonnage for each limb. Tonnage for the Center Torso will always be the same as the tonnage specified for the unit. The tonnage specified for the Legs must be greater then or equal to the unit tonnage.
    • Allows you to select the quantity of jump jets by jump jet weight. The total jump jets indicated must allow for the unit to travel the Jump MP specified. For example, a 60-ton unit must have 5 tons worth of jump jets; which could be ten 0.5-ton jump jets, or two 2-ton jump jets and one 1-ton jump jet.
    • You can now specify a standard structure for the unit (as structure can be changed on the donor prior to attaching), or allows you to specify a Hybrid structure. Hybrid structure works in the same fashion as Patchwork armor. Each location will have a field where you can select the type of Structure that location contains. The number of critical slots required to be placed in that location will be dependent on the type of structure specified.

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