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Another week, another small batch of updates, a couple of them just admin related, but updates none-the-less. The below lists these changes in more detail:

  • Fixed an issue where the number of replies for a given topic was incorrect.
  • Added the ability to perform quick-edits to any search criteria used in a filter. Now, instead of having to click the icon or link to access the advanced filter dialog, find the criteria in the list, and update it, you can edit the criteria from the page itself. By clicking the edit icon in the top right of the applicable filter block, a dialog appears where you can edit that specific filter. This should save some time when wanting to edit individual criteria on filters you've applied.
  • The way auto-allocate works when designing a unit has been modified. Previously it would only auto-allocate any equipment that was non-critable. Now, using auto-allocate will place all equipment if it is required for a given chassis (e.g., Conversion Gear, Landing Gear, Avionics), all equipment required to be placed in a specific location (e.g., Tracks, Chameleon LPS, Omni-Locked equipment, etc), and then all non-critable equipment. Equipment will be placed in the above order from top-to-bottom.
  • Removed the heavily outdated 'Player Database' section and replaced it with the 'Member List' that was previously available under the 'Bar & Grill' menu item. In the process, I modified it to utilize the filtering functionality located throughout the site. To ensure the ability to locate players in your region is not lost, the listing now shows location info (if provided during registration), as well as having these fields filterable.
  • Added the ability to update the image associated with a Game Material product when editing the product via the admin interface.
  • Changed the username lookup in the admin interface from a separate page that appears to an inline username lookup, like those used throughout the site.

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