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I pushed out another update with some bugs squashed, a few tweaks made, and hopefully some enhancements which folks will find useful. The below lists these changes in more detail:

  • Fixed a minor UI issue where single weapons were appearing with an 's' in the Armament section of the readout. For example, the user would see '1 ER Large Lasers'. It's now been corrected to properly read '1 ER Large Laser'.
  • Fixed a couple of UI issues where weapons equipped with RISC LPM or Laser Insulators weren't properly showing that information. In the case of the BV breakdown screen, while the weapon BV was properly reflecting it, the text was only showing the weapon and not that it had a LPM or Insulator. In the case of the readout section, when the weapon was armored, it was also only showing (Armored) and not that it was equipped with an LPM or Insulator
  • Fixed an issue where users received an error message about trying to view an invalid readout. This usually happened as a result of clicking on older links that did not include the revision parameter in the URL. It's now been corrected such that, if attempting to access a readout without specifying the revision, you will be taken to the latest valid revision for that unit.
  • Fixed an issue where the user would receive an error dialog if they tried to generate a download (in any format) when they were in edit mode for a unit. This was because the code was not properly passing the revision when the download request was made.
  • Fixed another UI issue where, when creating or editing a unit, the table layout would get messed up when the user selected the design as a BASE config, or marked it as Private. Now performing these actions will not mess up the table layout.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong BV was being displayed for a unit who had a special cockpit. This incorrect BV was being stored with the design when saved, however viewing the BV breakdown would show the correct calculation and value. This has been corrected such that the right BV is displayed and saved. All units impacted have been recalculated so as to have the proper BV.
  • Fixed an issue where the image uploaded for a unit was not showing on the screen. It would show if you re-uploaded the same image. This was related to a timing issue with the code that has now been resolved. Now, when you select an image to associate with a unit, it will be displayed immediately.
  • Fixed a logic bug where Artemis was allowed to be enabled based on launcher type. For example, I could enable it for SRMs and not for LRMS. Per the rules, this is incorrect and if it's equipped on any applicable launcher, it must be equipped on all launchers. Fortunately no designs existed with this illegal design. The UI (and code) has been updated now where Artemis as a whole is enabled or disabled. When enabled, Artemis FCS will be attached to each applicable launcher.
Design Changes
  • Modified the dialog slightly when loading a design to more clearly reflect how many results were being returned. It was also updated to return the first first matches; it previously only returned 25/
  • Another minor UI update to the password field. Previously you could see all characters as you typed your password. It has been updated so it now masks your characters as you type them.
  • Modified the BV breakdown to show a units heat efficiency. This helps in determining if a units weapons BV need to be modified because of possible overheating. A new 'Heat Efficiency' row has been added just before the offensive equipment listing. This new calculation will show a breakdown of how the calculation was derived, and indicate if your design is efficient or now. In addition, when a weapon BV has been modified due to the heat efficiency, you will see '[Inefficient]' next to that weapon.
  • Modified the BV breakdown to more clearly show when a weapons ammo BV has been modified due to there being excessive ammunition. In cases where this occurs, you will see '[Excessive]' next to the ammo whose BV was modified.
  • With the advent of Technical Readout: 3150, there was a need to extend the Dark Age era out to 3150 as I had it ending previously at 3145. As such, users can now design units with an introduction year up-to 3150 now. All units on this site have been recalculated so their availability information has been updated to reflect these additional years.
  • The way a user designs a "private" design has been modified. Previously there was a checkbox to make it private so only the designer could view the readout, otherwise it would be public and visible to all. This checkbox has been replaced with a Privacy classification. This new privacy setting has three possible options:
    • Public: The unit will be viewable to all users and will appear in listings. This is the default option.
    • Semi-Private: The unit will be viewable to all users, but will not appear in any listing. What this means is that you can only access the readout if you know the exact URL to access it. This is useful if you want to create a design that you want to share with a few others, but don't want it generally known.
    • Private: The unit will be viewable only to the designer, and it will not appear in listing. This option is truly private, and no one can see it. Trying to access it via the URL will show an error message if you are not the designer.

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