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Download: BattleMech Designer
Rating: 5.00
Comment: This is it. The one great programme I use. And have been doing so (in one incarnation or other) since my start into the hobby in 1996.
Everything which I design, I either do by hand or with BMD. It is a beautiful creation that perfectly balances utility, depth and aesthetics. Not at all unimportant when sitting down to spend some time with the programme.
It was abandoned after the release of the first two Field Manuals (Kurita & Marik) - all other equipment was never written into it. As has been said: use it for a timeframe up to, and including, the invasion of the Clans.
For that it is perfect, with the only minor problems being the inability to create imbalanced armour and the non-inclusion of artillery weapons. Also, it still had the old BV-skill modifiers of MaxTech (unrevised) and not of the Master Rules. Of course, we are currently undergoing a change to BV2, and really, all of these factors are tiny detail in the richness that we are presented with here.
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