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Title: Gray Death Legion (Foil)
Category: Puzzle
Member: Mordel
Formats: Print
ISBN-10: ---
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Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs 
Product ID: 35953
Copyright: © 2020
Cover Art: Cover Art
©2020 The Topps Company, Inc.

BattleMechs are the pinnacle off 31st century warfare. You are a MechWarrior, master of these multi-ton, towering avatars of destruction. And you drop into hot zones across a thousand worlds to conquer the star-spanning empires off one of the noble Great Houses.

The Galaxy Awaits!

The first-ever series of jigsaw puzzles for BattleTech, printed right here in the USA! Five different images, done in high-quality foil and cut to a 500-standard piece puzzle. Each assembled puzzle is 18" x 24" and suitable for framing when complete.

These puzzles are all limited to foiled print runs of 1000. Once they are gone, that's it. These are a "while supplies last" offer. If they appear again, they will be in standard paper, not foiled.
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